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Welcome to PASSIT PMC’s (“PMC”) Bookkeeping and Payroll Services, a company dedicated to fast, accurate and courteous service. We offer the ability to those of you who just want to run your business and don’t want to have to do the clerical work and all that office work has to entail. We offer complete financial statements as often as is required by your business.


The Key to Success?

The first key to success in business is to know whether you are making money and where that money is going. Without an efficient Accounting & Bookkeeping System, it is almost impossible to know how your business is performing and whether you are making a profit. Good records are not only required by your business but by the Inland Revenue Board for taxes, your local bank, should you wish to get a loan, your suppliers to establish credit and by any potential investors, partners or buyers of your business when you want to expand or retire. PMC can help you with all of your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs. We are knowledge- able and experienced in accounting and bookkeeping procedures, income and payroll tax laws, taxes and accounting and bookkeeping software. We specialize in bringing a wide variety of services to the small business owner at a minimal cost.


Why Outsource your Accounting and Bookkeeping Functions?

If you are like most business owners, you take full pride in your work as a professional. At PMC we feel outsourcing the Accounting and Bookkeeping functions, you, the business owner, can tap into the resources and expertise of a highly skilled accounting firm while freeing up valuable time for you to focus on business strategy, goals, reduce operating costs and most important, spend time with your current clients and get new ones. You spend less time and wasted effort in training and supervising a new accountant or bookkeeper each time one leaves. If you are doing the bookkeeping yourself, think of the time you would save and put it to better use.

Our Services
Capabilities Summary

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Job Costing
  • Financial Statements
  • Payroll Services
  • Miscellaneous Services
  • Startup and Growing Businesses
  • Accounting Software evaluation and installation


If we can help with any of your bookkeeping needs such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, liabilities, or payroll we can help you completely list your chart of accounts specific to your business needs, we can design your invoices and purchase orders. PMC can help you design and analyze a complete and accurate balance sheet, income statement or cash flow, as well as setting up your business on accurate and easy bookkeeping software. (We use AutoCount, QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting systems and with help from Microsoft Excel).


Our accountant can create a budget for your company to grow from and use as an expense rate base. As well as using your company information to help with projected business results. We can also take your information and create charts and prospectus reports. We can help you design and analyze your profit and loss statement, designed specifically to your business or personal needs.


If your business happens to be going through an audit, we offer services of outside accounting abilities to help you organize your business to federal and generally accepted accounting practices so that your business is within the legal boundaries of operation. We offer to help in designing and organizing your business so that you can concentrate on all the other aspects of your business.


We can even provide you with custom built accounting programs if you require one. We will be continuously updating and adding to our products and services, as well as to this web site so we invite you to bookmark this web site and remind you to return often.


Start-up and growing company services

We provide owner-managed businesses with bookkeeping, accounting and reporting assistance and help in developing accounting and financial strategies and business advice.


Accounting Services

We can help develop and improve your accounting systems and controls, by maintaining and providing a proper set of books, for your accountant (you may speak with our Accountant about the details of our Accounting services) at year end. This will cut down on the costs for preparation of your annual tax returns (you may also speak to our Accountant about doing your federal and personal taxes) and also give you ongoing information relating to your business.


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What is Bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is the process of analyzing, classifying and recording transactions in accordance with a preconceived plan, for the purpose of

(a) providing a means by which an enterprise may be conducted in an orderly fashion, and

(b) establishing a basis for recording and reporting the financial affairs of the enterprise and the results of its operation.