Audit & Assurance

The cost and effort of compliance with financial regulations is an increasing burden on business. At PASSIT PMC (“PMC”) we believe audit and assurance should add value to the organisation by identifying opportunities as well as risks.

We add value to every audit through:

•The commitment of a dedicated partner who aims to understand your needs and to know the business as if it were their own.
•The access to knowledge and depth of experience across organisations in all industries, of all sizes and levels of complexity.
•Risk assessment audits.
•Our flexibility and practical outcome based response to serving our clients.
•Our team of technical specialists supporting the partners who work on your business.

We have a big firm’s level of technical excellence, whilst maintaining dedication to client service.


Internal audits / system reviews

To assess a business’ processes and performance, you need to know the business well.

•Dedicated partner involvement allows us to get to know your business well
•We can identify core processes and assess their effectiveness in achieving your goals.
•Internal audit is about more than risk management, it should identify actions that can make a real and practical difference to your business.


Risk assessment audits

To perform a risk assessment PMC would:

•Assemble the relevant information and knowledge about your business and the market within which you operate.
•Identify and prioritise any major risks facing your organisation .
•Develop a plan for reducing or eliminating the risks.

We deliver a practical, not a technical, outcome for your business.


Statutory accounts

We can manage your accounts so you can manage your business comfortable in the knowledge your figures, budgets and projections can be relied on.


Due diligence & business acquisitions

Ability to move quickly and decisively is often the deciding factor in any business acquisition. We

•Conduct due diligence on not just the financials but the whole business.
•Quickly and effectively and interpret the results as it affects your business.
•Offer advice as to whether a purchase is right for your business.
•Assist with finding finance and managing the transaction.


Investigative & forensic audits

When something is wrong you need someone who knows what they are looking for. PMC’s broad experience and lack of conflict allows us to investigate and provide not just evidence or results, but a plan of action and risk minimisation for the future.