Tax Compliance & Tax Planning

Tax is a highly technical area driven by ever changing and increasingly complex legislation. But for each of us individually and in a business sense, tax is about money. PMC has technical skills equal to the larger firms but what we do with this experience is different. We get so close to our clients, we see their businesses as our businesses, so we treat the tax paid as if it was money coming out of our pockets. We interpret the technicalities to give you a practical outcome.


Corporate tax

Corporate and business transactions require a balance of technical expertise and practical business experience. Our tax specialists have extensive experience in dealing with all types of transactions –
•Capital raisings and floats
•Tax Due Diligence
•Acquisitions & takeovers
•Sale of interests in business or intellectual capital
•Reorganisations, Mergers & De-mergers
•Tax Consolidations
•Liquidation of corporate structures
•Small business capital gains tax concession relief

Corporate compliance

The increasing complexity of tax legislation has also led to an increase in compliance requirements. Our experts can assist in ensuring your business meets these requirements –
•Income tax return preparation and review
•PAYE remittances and planning
•Prudential tax reviews
•Negotiations with revenue authorities

International tax

Our Tax Consulting team has a depth of knowledge in interpreting Double Tax Agreements. We can liaise with our international network to deal with issues such as transfer pricing, business structures, financing and associated debt/equity or thin capitalisation rules as well as the issues for employees on either an inbound or outbound basis.

Indirect taxes

Our indirect tax specialists work with the direct tax team on transactions where required and also provide discrete advice in their particular areas of expertise –

Transaction taxes
•Goods and Service tax
•Stamp duty

Employment related taxes

We can also provide specialist expertise to assist in the following areas –

•Intellectual property
•Asset protection
•Succession planning
•Estate planning